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With URBANE's innovative mentoring platform, you can train and retain a more connected workforce that is committed to your business strategy. The mentoring relationship remains focused, ensuring employees never lose sight of their goals, and encouraging a constant momentum of continuous learning.

Whether you are new to mentoring, or already have a mentoring scheme in place, URBANE provides a structured solution to a commonly unstructured programme.

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  • Increase employee engagement with a collaborative workforce

  • Improve retention rates – saving on new employment costs

  • Ensure employees are working towards the same company vision

  • Invest in future leaders – enabling mentors to improve their leadership skills

  • Maintain the learning momentum by shortening the learning curve – 90% of learning is informal

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URBANE turns anecdotal evidence into qualifiable measures for mentoring schemes inside your organization.

  • Learn how much time each employee invests into the mentoring relationship

  • View your employees’ goals and measure their progress

  • Understand your network of knowledge between departments and levels

  • Review specific data to determine the programme's success

  • Review specific data to determine the programme's success

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learn together

URBANE features the following:

  • Search – an easy to use search feature results in perfect mentor with mentee pairings

  • Set goals – users create new goals and milestones to stay on track

  • Measure progress – goals, milestones and time tracking makes it easy to keep on top of deadlines

  • Stay in contact – users can communicate via messenger and leaving feedback to goals/milestones

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